Chris McLay.

Interaction designer and user experience consultant.

Steve Jobs dies

Steve Jobs dies…

and I am mourning.

I am at home today. Earlier I was sitting in my kitchen writing, when I saw the hint of a note in the background – I can’t quite believe what I’m seeing. I really, really didn’t want to. But the Apple home page wasn’t lying.

Not only did Steve change the world in so many ways, his success opened the world to see that great design, great craft and great experiences were not only popular, but profitable. Without his early successes, I doubt that I would have become a designer, and without his later successes I certainly wouldn’t have the work that I have now.

This is a very sad day for us all, most of all for his family and his colleagues. Steve has left us an amazing legacy, and I intend to do the absolute best I can with it.

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