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The first brief from my son

letter-1letter-2I came home this evening to find a letter written by my son, Gene, waiting for me in the mail box. This was great firstly because Gene has had some trouble with his writing and this letter was almost entirely legible. Reading through it I was stunned by what it contained:

Hey dad! i’m making a club. Can you make a blog for it? this is what is needs:

  • book comment and photo box
  • hand code ideas / teaching box
  • rating box (add photo)
    • pages instead of stars
    • rating out of 5

love Gene

ps: thanks


a) my son is in year two and he wants a blog;

b) he wrote a pretty clear brief (better than many I’ve received in my career).

I’m pretty impressed, and he’ll get his blog once I can find a good domain :-)


James Mansfield said:

3 April 2009

That’s hilarious, very impressive and slightly concerning all at once. Can’t wait to see it and when it’s live. I’ll get my boys to rate the books. :)

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