Chris McLay.

Interaction designer and user experience consultant.


I’ve been playing around with the whole visual music project idea and I’ve rewritten the objectives I started with to make them a bit clearer and more achievable…

Original Objectives:

My primary aim is to take my study and experience of projection for theatre and apply this to the presentation of live music, primarily instrumental music. Of most interest to me is the lack of a written text in instrumental music, and providing visual support for the music without overpowering or providing “new meanings” to the audience.

New Objectives:

To apply my knowledge and experience of projection in theatre to the presentation and performance of live instrumental music music. In particular:

  • highlighting the lack of a specific written text assocciated with musical performance, and as a consequence the lack of a specific text for the music’s audience;
  • experimenting with visual material that enhances the experience of the performance without disrupting the integrity of the music, or providing a dominant narrative for the audience;
  • working with the data gathered from the first two points to develop visual practices that will constitute the praxis of performance component of the assessment.

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