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Folio for Hamid

Hi Hamid,

I’d normally insist on presenting my full portfolio in person, but that’s a little hard for remote work, so I’ve pulled a couple of items out that I think might be most relevant.

You can download the PDF of this summary, and I’ve added a couple of notes for you below…

Origin Connect (2019) – this was a complex ordering system developed for Origin Energy in a very complex and highly regulated space. In simple terms it’s a 400 question order form on which even experts and routine users make mistakes. Because of this we designed in around a messaging interface which allows regular conversations between Origin agents and the end customer. As well, the app also includes a full UI for user management, some basic reporting, and troubleshooting the connection with the backend systems.

NAB Mobile Banking Security & Navigation Updates (2014) – this was a suite a smaller changes that set up the mobile app and web site to take on more functionality that was coming down the pipeline. Most importantly it made it much easier for customers to discover many existing functions, and we sure an increase in use in many parts of the app that had been mostly ignored by customers.

Westpac Online Proof of Concept (2010) – this working proof of concept was built by Infosys over three months as part of a pitch to replace Westpac’s banking systems. At the time Westpac had three different transaction websites for different customers – retail, business and institutional. The goal was to bring these three systems into a single website that adopted the functionality offered depending on the products the customer had, and the type of business or organisation. Suburb Profiles (2009) – this project was REA Group’s first attempt at sharing whole lot of their own data, as well as market data, with customers in a useful way. We developed a template page for each suburb, and then developed different types of widgets that could be used or shown depending on the available data, or what customers were interested in. These were continually revised and updated based on customer research and usage data from the site itself.

1234 SMS (2008) – the project was a call centre app used by agents to respond to queries that they received by SMS, rather than by a voice call. The app was designed to be highly efficient, rather than intuitive, and required a special keyboard used in the call centres to work.

The Box Office Manager (1990-95) – this app ran on a Mac Plus or similar, and was used by small theatres to manage ticket sales over the phone, or at the theatre box office. Like Ticketek, but much smaller.